State Maps & Earthquake Fault Lines

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Here we discuss North America Fault Lines and Worldwide Fault Lines including maps, thermal images, and data on recent earthquakes. With the recent increase in both the frequency and magnitude of worldwide quake activity, people everywhere are becoming increasingly interested and worried about natural disasters.

This US map (courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey – USGS) indicates major earthquake hazardous zones within the United States based on fault lines.  See additional world maps and fault line danger zones below.


A fault is a crack or fracture in the Earth’s crust along which movement has occurred. Movement along a fault produces earthquakes and seismic waves.

An earthquake is the vibration of the Earth, produced by the rapid release of energy. Energy radiates out from the focus.  The focus is the place within the Earth where the rock breaks, producing an earthquake.  Energy moving outward from the focus of an earthquake travels in the form of seismic waves.  The epicenter of an earthquake is the point on the ground’s surface directly above the focus.

There are 3 major types of quakes: Normal, Thrust, and Strike-Slip.

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